Photo Nights


1. CHECK THE SCHEDULE (below) and note the day/time your player needs to be at Auluba

2. ORDER YOUR PHOTOS before photo night.

Please have your player on the clubhouse verandah at the allocated time. Team photos will include all players, coaches and manager. If you don’t wish to order a photo that’s fine, but please ensure your player attends. Each player will also have an individual portrait taken.


G6 includes all G6 mini teams. One photo of all players together.
These teams have elected not to have a photo taken – G8 Diamonds, G16A, and U18B
G14 (two teams) are having photos at TUFC

What to wear

Full kit (shirt, shorts, socks, boots). Diamond League and Girls Dev teams please wear training jackets.

Ordering photos

Order ONLINE and PRIOR TO photo night. To order:

  1. Click here (or go to and enter DV5 VAM 8KH)
  2. Click ORDER ONLINE NOW and select your package.
  3. Pay using PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.
  4. Please order by 11 July to avoid a late fee.

Sibling photos
If you wish to get a sibling photo, bring your youngest child along to your oldest child’s session. You will need to complete an order envelope for the photographer on the night.

Joint TUFC/KPFC teams

Both G14 teams will have photos taken at Turramurra (details to come from TUFC).


This time slot includes all G6 teams. We aim to get one group G6 photo (ie all teams together). All G6 players will also have an individual photo taken.


Your printed photo orders will be distributed by managers at the end of the season. Please contact Advanced Life Photography with any questions about online ordering or any issues with prints.


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