Registration Fees

The fees for Season 2022 are listed below.

Fees are based on information from NSFA and local councils (for ground hire). We are a volunteer-run club, working hard to provide a high quality football experience while keeping fees low.

If your child plays in a development team, the fees are higher to cover extra coaching costs.

Assistance and discounts

If your family includes three or more players, there is a 10% discount on all your fees. To claim the rebate, register in full, then email with player names, age groups, your BSB and account number.

If you need financial assistance, please email our Registrar. There is a process in place for helping players who need it, and we will do whatever we can to ensure every player who wishes to play can do so.

If you are registering a player aged under 18, use an Active Kids Voucher to reduce the fee by $100. It’s quick and easy to apply for a voucher here.


Girls and Boys: Under 6/7$245.00
Girls and Boys: Under 8/9$285.00
Girls and Boys: Under 10/11$290.00
Girls and Boys: Under 12-16$295.00
Girls and Boys: Under 18$315.00
Men and Women: All Age/35’s/45’s$440.00 (see Notes)
Premier League$515


  • MAA/WAA U18 is the same fee as U18 ($315)
  • $40 discount for MAA/WAA players age 19+, with a student ID


U8/U9 SAP$220$340 + $220 SAP TOP-UP$780
U8/U9 DEV$220$340$560
U10/U11 SAP$220$425 + $255 SAP TOP-UP$900
U10/U11 DEV$220$425$645
G12 DL$250$700$950
G12 DEV$250$665$915
G14 DL$250$710$960
G11 DEV$250$305$555
G13 DEV$250$690$940


There is an annual KDFRA fee of $120 for anyone who works as a referee. In order to support and encourage referees, Kissing Point FC will reimburse this fee if you officiate at least three games in a season. Please contact the Club Secretary to request reimbursement. Include your bank account details and evidence (eg screenshot from Dribl) of officiating at three or more games.