Life Members

Kissing Point FC has a long and proud history. Since it was founded in 1957, the club has grown and prospered with thanks to the dedication of thousands of volunteers. We acknowledge and thank every single one. Some volunteers are bestowed the honour of ‘Life Member’ for their long and distinguished service. Our Life Members are listed below.

1968Robert Blyton*
1968Trevor Morgan*
1968Rupert (Kitch) Nolan*
1974Clem Walsh*
1975Rod Woods*
1976Fred Hutchinson*
1977William Beasley*
1977Colin May
1978Colin Paulson
1978Dot Sadd
1986Andrew Topp
1986Kaye Topp
1987John Orlovich*
1987Pam Orlovich
1990Dianne Brown
1995Bruce Williams
1999Charles Stewart*
2003Richard Kendrick
2004David Mudge
2007Andrew Wheatley
2014Greg Nicol
2016Tony Conway
2016Clive Hodson
2018Andrew Bell

Selection Criteria

Since 2016, members on the above list are Life Members of Kissing Point FC. Prior to that, they are technically Life Members of Kissing Point Sports Club (for services to Football, and in some cases to both Football and KPSC).

If you would like to nominate someone as a Life Member of Kissing Point FC, please email the Club Secretary for details of the process.

In summary, anyone who has rendered distinguished service to the club may be appointed as a Life Member, under the following criteria:

  1. No more than two people can be awarded life membership in any two year period.
  2. Any member can nominate another person for life membership
  3. Nominations must be received by the President no later than the end of July in any year.
  4. The executive committee will ensure nominees meet the eligibility criteria, then evaluate other aspects of the nominee’s eligibility, including character. Previous life members will be consulted.
  5. A decision will be made and those approved will be awarded at the AGM.
  6. A points system will be employed to determine eligibility. Nominees will need to have a minimum of 75 points:
  • Player- 1 point per year
  • Service to the club (volunteer, coach, manager) – 1 point per year
  • Service on committee other than President/Secretary – 2 points per year of service
  • Service as club President/Secretary – 3 points per year of service