Your manager will tell you if there are changes to your training session or your match. Assume it’s on, unless you hear otherwise.

On the weekends, please wait for your manager to communicate with you. You can also check the NSFA website for ground closures.

During the week, please wait for your manager to communicate with you. You can also check our Facebook page. Ground closures during the week are also updated on the Ku-Ring-Gai Council website, but note that sometimes NSFA or the club will decide it is too wet to train (ie training may be cancelled even though the council site shows grounds are open).

Your training or match may be cancelled without much notice. Your manager will communicate with you as soon as they possibly can. In all cases, please be guided by your manager.

The following guidelines are provided by NSFA:

  • Decisions on weekend ground closures are generally not made until Friday. Councils and schools assess their grounds and advise NSFA by 2:30pm which grounds are unfit to play. NSFA policy is to play as many matches as possible on any ground that is left open by councils and schools. A wet weather message will be communicated on the NSFA website by 5:00pm Friday.
  • Grounds may also be closed on Saturday mornings by clubs or referees if they deem the ground unfit to play.  Every effort will be made to communicate these ground closures to teams via the website before teams leave for their match. However this may not always be possible as these decisions are made based on weather conditions that can be variable across different parts of our association.
  • Decisions on Sunday matches will be made as soon as practical. Often this will not be until late on Saturday afternoon. Do not assume that Sunday games are off if Saturday games are cancelled. Once again please check the NSFA Website by 7:00pm on Saturday night.
  • Rain on the night before or on the morning of the match does not necessarily mean your match will be cancelled. We do not cancel games for rain. We only cancel games if the ground has been closed or is deemed unfit for play. If there are cancellations or postponements of matches, or matches are relocated, the website will be updated to reflect this. Please continue to check the draw on the NSFA website as your game may be cancelled at one ground and relocated to another that is open for play in some circumstances.
  • Mostly we would just ask our players and parents to be patient. The weather cannot be controlled however we will do our best to communicate early and often.