Play The Beautiful Game at Kisso. There’s a place on our team just for you!

There are teams for both Women All Age (18+) and 35+ in a range of divisions. In 2023, we had two All Age teams and four W35 teams. In 2024, the W35 comp is being divided into W30 and W45.

If you’re new to the sport, or if you’ve played for years, a warm welcome awaits. You’ll soon discover why football is one of the fastest growing sports for women in Australia.

In 2022, we won NSFA ‘Female Football Award’. This award goes to the club that best embodies the NSFA’s “What’s Best for Her” strategy by showing commitment to female football. Read more about our female football strategy here.

We do all we can to create a fun, positive experience, and cater for all skill levels. Female players now make up 34% of the club – and growing!

How it ALl works

Off season (Oct-Jan)

In the off-season, you can join our free, casual kick-around on a Sunday morning. A fantastic way to get started on your football journey. It’s very relaxed, with plenty of laughs. Someone is always up for a post-session coffee. Lots of players also play small-sided Summer Soccer on weekday evenings.

Pre-season (Feb-Mar)

Structured activities typically start in February. There may be some pre-season strength and conditioning sessions, and some pre-season trial matches to help with grading. Weekly pre-season training starts in March.

Winter comp (Apr-Sept)

The Winter competition runs from April to September, including school holidays, and there are typically 18 matches. Matches are on Sundays at 1:00pm or 3:00pm. Home games are at Auluba, Comenarra or Howson. Away games range from Berowra to Northbridge.


Training starts in March and generally takes place one evening a week at Auluba, Comenarra or Howson oval. Our coaches are highly qualified. In 2022, four of our six coaches had a C Licence Qualification. If you’d like to work on your skills, outside of club training, check out courses offered by our coaching partner XLR8 Player Development. They run an excellent Womens Skills program.

Getting started

To learn more about Kisso, explore this website and follow us on Facebook. To start a conversation about playing, email our friendly VP for Women’s Football.

When you are ready to register, do not hesitate! Jump on the website as soon as rego opens in January. Once you’ve registered, you will be included in club communication and placed in a team that’s just right for you.


“When I play, I forget everything else happening in my life and concentrate on the ball. It is my special time. The comradeship I have with not only my team mates but also anybody I meet on the field is just priceless. Anybody can play football, and Kisso always welcomes anybody who is keen to try. I hope more women will join us, so they can have the experience of playing a great game, and developing special friendships which can last a lifetime.” Yoko.

“I started playing football last year after being invited to training by a friend. I’ve been battling depression for a long time, and football has lifted me up and brought some light into my life. I love feeling valued by my team and being part of the Kissing Point community and the exercise is great for my mental health too.” Sam

“I love the focus we have on developing football for women and girls. So many wonderful opportunities to grow and develop, including access to our wonderful club coaches and additional staff for training, specialist skills sessions, support to participate in local summer competitions, arranging friendly matches during pre season, and social training sessions across all women’s teams providing skills development and a chance to catch up.” Jacinta