Trials for Development teams (SAP/Dev, Diamond League and Super League) are typically held in November. These teams are for ambitious, development-focussed players who want to train twice a week.

Additional grading is held in February. This helps the club form Community teams and finalise Development teams.

During grading, players skills are assessed against the curriculum relevant to their age. An athletic assessment may also be undertaken.

Grading is as objective as possible. Grading committees may consist of professional coaches from XLR8, experienced senior players, and past coaches.

grading faqs

Why grade the players?
  • Children develop skills quickly and enjoy their games more when they are playing at a level suited to their abilities.
  • During the season, teams play in graded divisions within the NSFA competition. The aim is to place a team in a suitable division – one that will a fun and challenging experience. There is little to be gained for a team that wins by 10 goals each week, or vice versa.
Can my child be graded into a team with his/her friends?
  • In the younger age groups, this will be accommodated wherever possible. However, as the children progress through the competition age groups (U12 and up), this becomes less of a priority. Teams are graded against other NSFA teams of similar capability. Having players of significantly disparate capabilities within a particular team will have drawbacks, so friend request priority will diminish over time. Children quickly make new friends when put into a team of the appropriate skill level.
  • If you are a Miniroo parent (U6 – 11) and you would like your child to be graded into a team with a friend, please let us know and we will do our best. Parents can nominate up to 3 (three) friends for their child to be placed with. We will try to place your player with at least one of those friends – providing those friends have also nominated your child as a team mate (so the club knows the request is mutual).
What do we do about late registrations or absentees from grading day?
  • Grading is not compulsory and players do not have to attend. However players cannot be placed into a top team in an age group without grading.
  • If your player cannot make a grading session, you must advise the grading co-ordinator in advance. We will try to make alternate arrangements to assess your player.
  • Where a player is unable to attend any grading assessment sessions, data from team evaluations from the previous season will be used to make an informed grading decision.
  • If that player did not play at Kissing Point FC in the previous season, the player (and parent) is encouraged to provide as much detail of their football history as possible.
Can my child play up an age group?
  • Unless otherwise approved by Kissing Point FC, players will be initially graded into their correct ‘Year of Birth’ age group at registration.
  • We will try to accommodate requests for players to play up in age to be with their friends, however grading rules still apply so there is no guarantee. Please speak with our coordinators about this.
  • Players in the correct age year will be given preference over requests to play up if team numbers are limiting.
  • On rare occasions the club may recommend or offer places for kids to play up a year where the club deems that this may be a better option based on the players skills or maturity.
  • The club retains sole discretion as to the final grading. While best endeavours will be made to accommodate all requests – it is probable that not all requests can or will be satisfied.
Can I appeal my child’s grading?

Yes – appeals must be made in writing to the VP of that age group. This appeal will be considered by the VP (after consultation with the grading team and at least one other club committee member). If a parent/player remains unsatisfied, any further action must be lodged via the club’s grievance procedures.