Health & Safety

We are committed to providing a football environment that safeguards the health of our members. Members are also asked to be proactive in taking care of their own, and others, safety.

WEATHER cancellations

In the event of rain or extreme heat, there are processes in place to cancel training and fixtures. Please refer to Weather.

First Aid

The club provides first aid kits at Auluba, Howson and Comenarra. Teams are requested to bring their own first aid items, including ice packs.


It is the club’s intention to provide easy access to defibrillators. There is a defibrillator at Auluba oval. It is our intention to provide a defibrillator and training for every M35, M45, M55 and W35 team.


If a registered player is injured at training or a fixture, they are covered by insurance provided by Football NSW and Gow Gates. For details, visit Football NSW Insurance Programme. This website is your primary reference for any insurance-related issues. When putting in your claim, send the relevant form to the Club Secretary via email at


While team sport is great for our mental health, there are times when people feel anxious or in need of support. As a club, we want to do our very best to care for the wellbeing of our members. To contact our Wellbeing Coordinator, please email There are at least two trained volunteers available on our Wellbeing Team who can help you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Please stand well back from the sideline, and away from the technical area.

Keep dogs well clear of playing areas and players, and always on-leash.

We have a collective responsibility to care for fields. Uneven playing surfaces can result in injury. Please do not train or play if your activity is damaging the surface. Keep dogs on-leash at all fields. If you notice a hole in a pitch, please fill it in. Pick up any rubbish, drink bottles etc.

Covid Safety

Members must follow Covid safety rules as set out by NSW Health. Guidance for community sport is subject to change, and is not listed on this website. Please follow directions from the club and signage at grounds.


  • Please come dressed and ready to train/play.
  • Do not attend practice or matches if you are unwell.
  • BYO clearly labelled drink bottle.
  • Consider health and hygiene if sharing food.
  • Limit the sharing of kit and practice good hand hygiene when handling kit.

Please email our Secretary or President if you have any questions about health and safety.