Managers play a crucial role in ensuring the season runs smoothly for a team. As a volunteer manager, you will be supported by the relevant Vice President or Age Coordinator – help and advice is always available.

Managers generally have the following responsibilities:

  • Use the Dribl app to see upcoming fixtures.
  • Ensure players arrive at the correct location and time for training and matches.
  • Liaise with the manager of the opposing team on match day re: game leaders and match result.

TO register as a manager

  1. You MUST email us your current Working With Children (WWC) number. If you don’t already have one, you must obtain one. Follow the instructions here.
  2. If you don’t already have one, create a Football Account.
  3. Register with Kissing Point and choose ‘Manager’ as the Volunteer Type.
    Note – It can take up to a couple of days for your registration to be approved – during this time, you won’t have access to the manager functionality described below (Dribl).


Setting up Dribl. Download Dribl to your mobile.
. Create an account and login to activate your account. Use the same email address you used when you registered as a volunteer via PlayFootball.
. For help with activating your account, refer to this guide.
FixturesYour fixtures can be found on the Dribl app and website.
The seasonFor an overview of the season, click here.
Issue ResolutionYou have an important role to play in our Issue Resolution process, and you must know how to respond if something goes wrong. Please educate yourself about this, including watching the five minute video on this page.
TrainingSee Training Schedule
WeatherSee Weather
Friday BBQYour team will be rostered on for BBQ duty at Auluba on one Friday night during the season. As manager, you’ll receive an email from the club – please ensure you find parents to do this.

MANAGERS of JUNIOR and Senior TEAMS (U12 and UP)

Each week, you will need to work out who is available to play, submit a match card prior to the game and submit results after the game. See below for short instructional videos (2 mins each). Please watch the videos to learn the process. Total learning time is 15 minutes.

If you would like to start with an overview, watch this video (3 mins).

  1. Determine which players are available for the match.
    We recommend using WhatsApp or Teamer to survey your players.
  2. If required, request a forfeit. PLEASE do this at least 48 hours prior to your match to avoid the club incurring a fine.
  3. Prepare and Submit your team (up until 10 mins before kick off).
  4. Confirm the opposition team.
  5. Referees will typically add match officials, but if no referee is appointed to the game, Home team managers can add officials.
  6. After the game, confirm the score with the opposition manager and referee, then enter the score.
  7. If you are appealing the result, or if a NSFA Playing rule has been breached, enter a dispute.

For help with Dribl, you can

You must also bring a Paper Match Card, to every game, as backup.

You can download a blank copy of the Paper Match Card.

Or generate a pre-populated Paper Match Card by logging onto Dribl on a desktop and following these instructions.

If you, or the opposing team can’t submit an Electronic Match Card through Dribl, you must use a Paper Match Card.

Paper Match Cards must be returned by the winning club, (or home club, in case of a draw), to the NSFA office by 5pm on the Wednesday following the match.

Managers – please hand in or email your Paper Match Card as a PDF file, to the Kissing Point FC Vice President for your age group. Please do this asap, to give the VP time to check it over and return it to NSFA.

PDF format: Division Grade Date (YYYYMMDD) Home Team v Away Team, with the team you are submitting on behalf of, in capitals. eg: MAA4 20220721 Northbridge v KISSING POINT


Please read the sections of the NSFA Competition Regulations relevant to your team. This guide describes the process you must follow, for example, in the event that you need to postpone a match.

MANagerS of U6-U11 TEAMS

During the season

  • Be sure your families know when/where they are playing. To see upcoming fixtures, including the location of fields, families can install the Dribl app and “follow” your team, or go to the Dribl website
  • Advise families of any changes to the draw ahead of game day (particularly during wet weather).
  • Check in with your families about player availability. It is possible to do this via WhatsApp, but there are also apps such as Teamer that can make this task easier.
  • For general communication with your team, we recommend WhatsApp. Please note that Dribl will have a chat feature from May 2022.
  • If the team will be short, you can borrow any other Kissing Point FC player from the same age group or below (with the exception of SAP/DEV players). Ask your Age Coordinator for help. Only forfeit if absolutely necessary. If you do need to forfeit, please advise your Age Coordinator by the Thursday prior to the game.

Game Day

  • Arrange parent volunteers to be ‘game leaders’ (referees), and to keep score.
  • After the game, confirm the score with the opposing team, then enter the results through Dribl. There is no need to record the names of goal scorers or team attendance.
  • U6 and U7 – you have two ‘Player of the Match’ cards to hand out each match.

Game Leaders and Rules

For U6-U11, the parent on the field is referred to as a ‘Game Leader’. Usually each team will provide someone to do this for a half.

The rules of football are modified for Miniroos – the NSFA competition regulations provide details of specific rules for goal kicks, throw ins etc. These change between age-groups, so it is important to review the rules at the start of the season. Refer to this page for the rules.


Team photosThe club arranges for a photographer to take team photos and individual portraits. This is usually early in the season.
Gala dayThe end of season typically includes a gala day organised by the association.
Presentation dayAll U6-U11 players will receive a participation award at the end of season Presentation Day, typically held in early September as soon as possible after the end of the season.

2022 Manager Induction Presentation

Click here for the presentation from the March ’22 Coach/Manager Meetup.