Let’s walk!

Rhondda Shaw has played and refereed football for more than ten years and is a passionate advocate for the game. She has recently discovered a new way to participate in the game she loves – Walking Football.

“I can’t believe what a great work out it is” said Rhondda. “Football has always been about keeping active, being with friends and having a laugh. I’m excited to launch the Walking Football program at Kissing Point FC.”

Walking Football is a non-contact, low-impact game, suitable for men and women of any age. Matches are played with modified formats (eg 6 v 6) on a small pitch, with a shortened game time. There is no running – players must have one foot on the ground at all times. No heading, and no kicking the ball above head height. The focus is on the social aspect of the game. 

“I guarantee we’ll have either coffees or drinks after every Walking Football session!” said Rhondda.

Kissing Point FC President, Andrew Frost adds “Our mission is Positive football – for everyone. That means having opportunities for all – players who want to play football at a high level, and those who want a more social game. Walking Football fits perfectly with that ethos. I’d love to see a bunch of our past players come back and give it a go. And I’m keen to meet new people too. It’s literally the more the merrier.”

Northern Suburbs Football Association Football Development Manager Jake Stephenson echoed these sentiments, “Walking Football is perfect for people looking to start their playing journey, remain in the game or to socialise. It develops confidence, friendships and self-esteem – which in turn supports mental wellbeing. NSFA urge new and existing players to get involved in this exciting initiative in partnership with Kissing Point FC”.

Anyone interested is encouraged to come and try it out. The sessions are suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. 

Email Rhondda at walkingfootball@kpfc.asn.au to find out more.