Health & Safety

We are committed to providing a football environment that safeguards the health of our members. Members are also asked to be proactive in taking care of their own, and others, safety.

The club provides first aid kits at Auluba, Howson and Comenarra. Teams are requested to bring their own first aid items and ice.

Persons who have attended any of the reported case locations listed in NSW Health website, are excluded from participating in NSFA football activities (including spectators and officials).

1. Please sanitise your hands frequently.
2. Come dressed and ready to train/play.
3. Spectators are encouraged to maintain physical distancing of 1.5m
4. Do not attend practice or matches if you are unwell.
5. BYO clearly labelled drink bottle. No sharing food.
6. Avoid any loitering around the field pre and post-match.
7. Limit the sharing of kit and practice good hand hygiene when handling kit.

Our club adheres to the NSFA Covid-19 Safety Plan.

Please email our Secretary or President if you have any questions about health and safety.