Working With Children Check

The WWC Check is a NSW Government requirement that applies to people who work or volunteer directly with children (u18). It checks the background of persons who work or volunteer with children in sport clubs, schools, child care centres, community groups, churches and other organisations.

Kissing Point FC values its members and volunteers very highly, and considers its duty of care of utmost importance. Although the NSW Government regulations are a minimum requirement, Football NSW and KPFC have adopted a more stringent policy for the safety of all involved.

The process is free for all volunteers. KPFC Committee enforces the policy that all the following personnel for all KPFC teams (with the exception of Over35 and Over45) must complete the WWCC process and provide verification details to the club:

  • Coaches (and assistants)
  • Managers (and assistants)
  • Grading personnel
  • Committee members
  • Referees
  • Grounds volunteers

The following volunteers are exempt from the WWCC process:

  • People under 18 years of age
  • Canteen volunteers

Exempt persons under 18 years of age must however complete and sign an FNSW Members Protection Declaration and provide it to our Member Protection Officer (MPO). To download the form click here.

Information for Coaches, Managers and Volunteers

If you are volunteering or working with children (u18), you will be asked to provide a WWC Number to the club. At Kissing Point FC, our Member Protection Officer collects, records and maintains the results of all our volunteer checks.

If you do not already have a WWC Number, you will need to apply on-line. Clubs may be fined up to $11,000 for non-compliance. KPFC will not appoint any volunteer (or worker) to a role, nor allow a volunteer to continue in that role, unless they are compliant.

To apply for a number, click here and follow the instructions.

The process only takes a few minutes. Tick “Volunteer” to avoid being charged $80, and for Sector, choose Clubs.

An application number will be generated. Print this sheet and take it to the nearest NSW Service Registry with proof of identity

After you have attended the Service Registry and been cleared, you should receive your WWC Number by email within four weeks (although some applications are taking less than a week). The WWC Number clears you to work and volunteer directly with children.

Once your individual WWC Number arrives, please email it to our Member Protection Officer along with your full name, date of birth and role at Kissing Point FC.

The club will verify your WWC number on-line and keep a record. Your WWC Number is valid for 5 years.

Keep your number handy. It applies to all sporting & community groups that you volunteer with.

For all enquiries, email