Walking football is an exciting new offering for Kissing Point FC. In line with our mission of ‘Positive football for everyone’, we are very pleased to provide this option for those wanting a gentler version of the game.

Long time Kisso player, referee and volunteer, Rhondda Shaw is our Walking Football Coordinator. To express interest in playing, or to ask questions, email Rhondda at walkingfootball@nullkpfc.asn.au. Rhondda is pictured above with Paul Wade OAM, former Soceroos captain, and Walking Football Ambassador. Paul is featured in this one minute video.

Walking Football is a non-contact, low-impact game, suitable for men and women of any age. Matches are played with modified formats (eg 6 v 6) on a small pitch, with a shortened game time.
* Running is not allowed – one foot on the ground at all times
* The ball cannot be kicked above head height
* No heading of the ball
* No ‘referees’ as such and the competitive angle is kept to a minimum.
* The focus is on the social aspect of the game – we guarantee there will be either coffees or beers afterwards.

To express interest, email walkingfootball@nullkpfc.asn.au