Who is responsible for grading players? For all senior teams (AA, 0/35 & 045) – the VP of that group is responsible for coordination of the grading and operational activities throughout the season. The Player and Coach Development Manager is responsible for the grading of all junior players.

The information below applies only to grading activities for Miniroos (Under 6 – 11), Junior Comp (Under 12 – 18) and Junior Girls (Under 7 – 18) 

  • It is important to have all players registered prior to the respective grading day; particularly new players joining KPFC. This will enable KPFC to review player capability, aptitude to training and playing within a team,
  • Dates and times will be published in advance each year.
  • Girls also have the choice to play in mixed teams in Miniroos or Junior Comp.
  • Grading is conducted as objectively as possible. For this purpose, the Grading Coordinator will appoint a Grading Team who will be responsible for the grading of the players. The grading committee will consist of a selection of experienced senior players, past coaches, and club committee members with a view to maintaining as much independence from the players as is feasible.

Which age groups will be graded?

  • Junior players (Under 8 – Under 18 inclusive) will be graded into a team appropriate for their age and skill levels. For U6 – U7 teams, the emphasis is on team work and having fun; this is the ‘Discovery Phase’ where enjoyment and the introduction to Small Sided Football (SSF) is a priority. U6 Miniroos teams will be principally formed by friend requests, and will be organized by the U6 Age Coordinator.
  • After finalisation of grading and team allocations by Player Development Manager/Grading Co-Ordinator, the respective Age Coordinators will announce teams during a ‘Meet the Team’ evening, typically held mid-March.
  • In addition, the respective VP’s are responsible for submission of Team Divisional Allocations to Northern Sydney Football Association (NSFA) for their concurrence & approval. The aim is to place each KPFC team in an appropriate NSFA division to kick-off the season.

Why grade the players?

  • Experience has shown that children develop their skills far quicker when they are playing at a level commensurate with their abilities.
  • During the season, teams play in graded divisions within the NSFA competition. The aim is to place a team with other teams of similar capability to make the games challenging and fun. There is little to be gained for a team that wins by 20 goals each week, or vice versa. After approximately 5 games, the Miniroo teams are re-graded to ensure that no team is in this situation. Competition age groups can be re-graded through the playing season, at the discretion of NSFA.
  • Placement of players in the correct team at an early age also allows the club to identify and nurture the requirements of the individual players as they move into the older age groups.
  • Starting the grading process early allows more opportunity to establish the right level for every player, step by step.

Can my child be graded into a team with his/her friends?

  • Certainly with the early age groups this will be accommodated where possible. However, as the children progress through towards competition age groups (U12 and up), this will become less of a priority. The teams are essentially graded against other NSFA teams of similar capability. Having players of significantly disparate capabilities within a particular team will have drawbacks, so friend request priority will diminish over time. Experience has shown the majority of children will quickly make new friends when put into a team of the appropriate skill level.
  • That said, if a Miniroo (Under 6 – Under 11) parent requests their child be graded into a team with a friend, the club will do it’s best to accommodate these wishes – HOWEVER, the following guidelines will apply:

Parents can nominate up to 3 (three) friends for their child to be placed with. The club will then try to place that player with at least one of those friends – providing those friends have also nominated your child as a team mate (so the club knows the request is a mutual request). All children graded with a nominated friend will be graded down to the level of the lowest skilled player of the nominated children. (E.g. if your child is graded in the ‘A’ team and his friend is in the ‘C’ team – if the request is granted, both children will play in the ‘C’ team).

How will grading work?

  • Players are invited to a grading day where their skills will be assessed against the core curriculum relevant to their age. An athletic assessment may also be undertaken to ensure that players are graded to play with other players of similar skill and also speed.

What do we do about late registrations or absentees from grading day?

  • Grading is not compulsory and players do not have to attend. However players will not be placed into a top team in age group without grading.
  • Players who cannot make a grading session should advise the grading co-ordinator in advance via email. The club will try to make alternate arrangements to have those players assessed.
  • Where a player is unable to attend any grading assessment sessions, then data provided from their team evaluations from the previous season will be used to make an informed grading decision.
  • If that player did not play at KPFC in the previous season, the player (and parent) is encouraged to provide as much detail of their football history as possible; thereafter the player must accept which team they are assigned to in such circumstances.

Can my child play up an age group?

  • Unless otherwise approved by KPFC, players will be initially graded into their correct ‘Year of Birth’ age group @ Registration; i.e. a player born in 2004 = 2017/Under 13 age, a player born in 2003 = 2017/Under 14, a player born in 2002 = 2017/Under 152001 = 2017/Under 16, and so on. For up to date age group information and “Relative Age Effect” visit our Age Group information page.
  • The club will try to accommodate requests for kids to play up in age to be with their friends, however grading rules still apply so there is no guarantee of playing with friends in the top teams. Requests should be made via email to the relevant VP.
  • Players in the correct age year will be given preference over requests to play up if team numbers are limiting.
  • On rare occasions the club may recommend or offer places for kids to play up a year where the club deems that this may be a better option based on the players skills or maturity.
  • The clubs retains sole discretion as to the final grading. While best endeavours will be made to accommodate all requests – it is probable that not all requests can or will be satisfied.

When will the teams be announced?

  • Teams will be announced in early March.

Can I appeal my child’s grading?

  • Yes – appeals must be made in writing to the VP of that age group, in accordance with the clubs communications policy. This appeal will be considered by the VP (after consultation with the grading team and at least one other club committee member). If any parent/player remains unsatisfied with that appeal – any further action must be lodged via the club’s grievance procedures.