Keeping Active

Two fantastic ways to keep fit and keep up your skills.
1. Workouts from our strength and conditioning coach, Hayden Gregory
2. Skills and Challenges from our coaching partners at XLR8 Player Development

1. Workouts
Each PDF below contains four workouts for senior players and parents, and four workouts for junior players. Each workout takes about 40 minutes. Set up your device nearby, open the PDF, and click on the links for explainer videos. To keep connected, you can post videos or comments about your workouts and tag both
#littleleaguies and #kissingpointfc.

Available workouts:

2. XLR8 Skills and Juggling Challenge
Our coaching partners at XLR8 have been busy preparing regular Home Skills videos and these are available on our Facebook page.

We also invite everyone to have a crack at the XLR8 Juggling Challenge. The idea is to track your score, and see how you improve over time. Juggling is a great way to improve your ball control, first touch and concentration.

Each time you juggle, record your high score for the day, using the sheet for your age group (links below). You could take a video and share your progress with your friends and your coach. Committing to small doses of juggling each day will go a long way towards making you a ‘Platinum juggler’ in no time.

Juggling sheets are available below.

U8 and U9 XLR8 Juggling Sheet + Tactical – U8.U9

U10, U11, U12 XLR8 Juggling Sheet + Tactical – U10.U11.G12

U13-U18XLR8 Juggling Sheet + Tactical – U13