A great start

How GREAT was it to get the season underway! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Check out the stories and photos from Round One here (and add your own).

Stay safe
We are fortunate to be able to return to football. A reminder that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure football remains COVID safe.  Please maintain social distancing. Players – no handshakes, huddles or high fives and everyone involved use hand sanitiser. I urge everyone to read the health and safety advice.

I’m elated to report that player registrations are up by over 10% this season. Kisso is now 900-strong and growing. This is a truly remarkable achievement given the Covid situation, and I want to thank everyone who has worked hard to achieve this. Word-of-mouth is our most effective recruitment tool, so if you have encouraged a friend or family member to join, thank YOU.

New Programs
SAP/DEV – This is the first year we have run Skills Acquisition Phase/Development teams in U8-U11. This involves more training for players focussed on skills development. Overall it provides development pathways for players who want that in our competition. So far the training has been running well and feedback from the games has been great, so we’re off to a good start.
G6/G7 – Our first ever G6/7 program kicked off on Sunday morning and the girls absolutely loved it. One mum said her daughter “was so excited she was up at 6am putting her kit on!”. There is still time to join. If your daughter turns 5, 6, or 7 this year, please email vpminiroos@nullkpfc.asn.au or just turn up at training for an introduction, and let’s get her started. Training 5pm Fridays at Auluba and Games Sunday at 9am.

If you’re not already following the club on Facebook, stop reading now, click here and “Like” the Facebook page. It’s the best way to keep connected to your club and keep up to date with stories, people and events. Each week, you can contribute to the ‘Round Report’ so we can all cheer you on. Please encourage your team to get on board.

Shorts, hoodies, jackets
If you need adult-sized shorts, order online here. A shipment is arriving early August and online orders will have priority. Hoodies and training jackets are also available for online order.

All Age games
Get down to Auluba this Saturday to see our men’s All Age teams in action against Asquith. Reserves at 1pm and MAA2 at 3pm. Our guys have a big season ahead as they fight to try and reclaim their spot in the Premier League. Our Women’s All Age team are at home to UTS on the 19th and we’d love to see you there to support them.

Lost property
There is already a big collection of stuff in the Lost Property box at Auluba. To reclaim your jackets and drink bottles, please ask at training to see the box (it’s in the storage shed).

Holiday clinics
If you need something to occupy the kids next week, check out the Holiday Clinics from XLR8.

Photo nights
Team Photo Nights are coming up on Friday 31 July and Friday 7 August. All Miniroos and Junior teams will be asked to come to the clubhouse briefly on one of these two nights. Stand by for news from your manager.

Best wishes,
Andrew Frost
Kissing Point FC President
on behalf of the committee