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Discovery Phase

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The Discovery Phase – U6 – U9:

The Football Federation Australia links below provide some great material to give you an overview of what you can expect for these early age groups.

The focus is on ‘discovery’ – that is, providing a safe and nurturing environment to allow these young children to discover the game of football for themselves, with positive encouragement. “F” is for fun, friends and ‘football’! It is NOT for ‘fitness’.

Please also see the T3-Australia coaching philosophy launch for the 2016 season.

For coaches and parents:

Please focus on the children’s enjoyment of the game – make it fun for them, and they will be want to come back year after year after year. No screaming ‘kick it’ from the sidelines; guide, don’t instruct; avoid using “don’t” and “no” during the coaching sessions; create challenges, question the children and let them work it out for themselves. And PLEASE attend a Grassroots Certificate course for yourselves and discover what it’s all about:

You might also like to consider reviewing this:


For the coaches:

Here are some guidelines for your very first training sessions to get your season started with confidence:

Remember the basic building-blocks of each training session:

1. Beginning (warm-up) –  every child just simply needs a ball at their feet; no laps of the park (10-15 mins)

2. Middle (skills exercises) – focus on specific skills – and don’t stress over how this looks in practice to how you thought this ‘might’ look (15-20 mins)

3. End (game time) – this is the children’s favourite section; keep it fun, don’t interrupt the flow of play and “don’t” critique technique! (20-25 mins)


For week 1, take a look at these training exercise suggestions:

There’s a Beginning, Middle and End exercise to try out.


Then in week 2:

…and don’t forget to take a moment to become familiar with the rules of the game for these younger age groups – it’s not the adult game yet.

This Miniroos link is also a very useful summary of the rules for and the approach to coaching for U6-U11


KPFC will be organising its own Grassroots Certificate courses pre-season – stay tuned, and keep your eyes on the ‘Calendar of Events


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